Wood - Tray or Frame, Large Rectangular 23" x 17" x 2" (19234004) SOLD OUT 5/31/2018

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SKU 19234004
Weight 6.00 LBS
Height 17.00 (in)
Width 23.00 (in)
Depth 2.00 (in)

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 Wood - Tray or Frame,  Large Rectangular  23" x 17" x 2" (19234004) 

The Center Piece is ~ 19" x 13" x 1"  



When using this as a frame you may want to add an extra hanger to support the frame on the wall -
Below is a simple and inexpensive configuration of hangers for heavier frames


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Written by Phyllis G on 21st Feb 2018

When I purchased this, it was called a frame, implying a two-piece item. I asked the size of the insert since it was not in the description at that time, and was then given the size of the insert. (Again, insert implies two pieces.) I did not expect a one-piece item. It is also much heavier than I expected. My intent was to hang it on the wall and now I wonder how I can do that effectively. The size is perfect for my needs though. Because it is the size I need I will work with it, but really did expect a two-piece frame to hang on the wall. .....---THIS IS INDEED A SINGLE PIECE AND WEIGHS ABOUT 5 POUNDS. CUSTOMERS HAVE USED IT AS BOTH A TRAY AND A FRAME. IF USED AS A FRAME YOU MAY WANT TO USE HEAVY DUTY OR MULTIPLE WALL MOUNTING BRACKETS --