Wood -Tissue Boxes Designed to Fit over Standard Kleenex Boxes ( 1201502SQ, 1201502RECT)

(You save $2.00)
SKU 1201502SQ, 1201502RECT
Weight 3.00 LBS
Height 11.00 (in)
Width 7.00 (in)
Depth 7.00 (in)
Wood - Kleenex Box Cover Required

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Two Kleenex Box Covers made out of  Ply Wood   - are now back in Stock


Square Kleenex Box Cover 5.5' X 5.0" X5.5" TALL (1201502SQ   $12.00)


Rectangular Kleenex Box Cover 10" x 6" x 5" tall (1201502RECT   $17.00)


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kleenix boxes
Written by beverly bell on 1st Aug 2016

They were long Kleenex boxes but I ordered 4 and only got three. This happened with them before. I ordered 2 and got 1