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New Published Designs 

Utilizing Surfaces Available from Painter's Paradise

















pp-nautical-napkinholder.jpg basket-arch-napkin-holder-1923998.jpg
Nautical Napkin Holder
Design by Debby Forshey-Choma

Pixielated Palette (an online magazine) April 2018
Painted on the Lid of our Napkin Holder (923957)


basket-3-sm-karen-wisner-pixallated-palette-201801.jpg basket-3.jpg

Design by Karen Wisner
Pixielated Palette (an online magazine) January 2018
Painted on our Round Wire Basket with MDF Lid - (13136410 


sr-fall-bounty-on-19238006.jpg wood-center-piece-board-19238006-sm.jpg
Fall Bounty by Shara Reiner
Pixielated Palette (an online magazine)
Painted on our Wood - Center Piece 19238006


funky-pumpkins-by-shara-reiner.jpg basket-bagget-basket-1201085527.jpg
Funky Pumpkins by Shara Reiner
Painting World - August 2017 Pages 60 - 66
Painted on the Insert of our Baugettes Basket (202085527)

sherry-nelson-baby-lop-daises.jpg wood-frame-20-x16-or-16-x-13.jpg

Baby Lop & Daisies by Sherry C. Nelson, MDA, TDA
Painting World - August 2017 Pages 76 - 85
Can be painted on our 15.5" x 13.5" interior Frame 11.5" x 9.5" (100231009)

metal-french-pitcher-large-811093t-tami-carmody.jpg metal-french-pitcher-large-811093t-sm.jpg
Fall Pitcher by Tami Carmody
Painting World - August 2017
Fits nicely on many of our pitchers,
not to mention several wood pieces and frames




Painting by Hillary Felinski
From Class Taught by Ros Stallcup
Canvas from Painter's Paradise
Posted on Facebook July 2017



Design by Jo Lutness



A New Design on an Old Piece Coupled with Real Flowers
It makes a really nice Gift Basket!



Hummingbird on Glass by Sherry Nelson 10" x 6" 1984
Frame by Al Tessing 12' x 8"  2017
Painted Frame 2 Coats by Jo Lutness  2017



Had to Share this Picture
Painting by Lois Prichard
Teacher - Hillary Felinski
BDP Paint-in April 2017
Fits our Metal - Sign Frame with 2 Wood Inserts (1202145)




A New Karen Wisner Design
Painting World Magazine February 2017
Design is painted on the lid of our Antique Wire Basket
(958568  $26.25)


This is a new Sherry Nelson Design
Painted on the Lid of our Sea Grass Basket
(840210   $13.50)


robin-mani-basket-lid-paint-a-season-of-memries-2015-sm.jpg antique-wire-basket-958568.jpg

Robin Mani will be painting her lid deign at the
Paint A Season of Memories Convention
Portland, OR September 2015
Design is painted on the lid of our Antique Wire Basket
(958568  $26.25)



mary-svenson-net-2015.jpg tray-ruby-round-tray-with-lid-775305.jpg
Mary Svenson will be teaching this design at New England Traditions October 2015
on our
Black Round Metal Tray with Round Lid (775305  $12.95)



Ros Stallcup will be teaching the beautiful floral
at the Museum of Decorative Painting in August.


Shara Reiner has 2 New Pattern Packets
"Snow Days" and "Sunshine and Flowers"
Paainted on the lid od of our Pyrex Quart Dish Basket
(33344   $16.75)

basket-design-by-jill-westergaard-painted-by-pat-erickson-on-baguette-basket-sm.jpg basket-bagget-basket-1201085527.jpg
Pattern by Judy Westegaard. Painted by Pat Errickson
Painted on our Baugette Basket
(1202085527   $27.50)

tray-cut-corner-tray-large-design-by-holly-hanley.jpg tray-cut-corner-tray-large.jpg
Welcome Summer Friends by Holly Handley
Painted on our Medium Cut Corner Tray (161696042  $8.25)

metal-pocket-wall-111126052-pic-linda-sharp.jpg metal-wall-pocket-10-inch-rusty-28m4325-sm.jpg

Jacobean Wall Pocket by Linda Sharp
Being Taught at Creative Color 2015 Convention Las Vegas 2015
Painted on our 10" Wall Pocket (28M4325   $14.50)


dp-red-fox-kit-by-sherry-nelson-on-1923-sm.jpg lw-plate-round-16-inch-with-groove-1923072.jpg
Red Fox Kit by Sherry Nelson, MDA TDA
The Decorative Painter Issue #1 2015 Pages 49 - 58
LW - Plate, 16" Round with Grove (1923072  $16.00)


dp-boys-fishing-by-darliene-carter-16106-sm.jpg lw-cattail-horizontal-cattail-plaque-16106-.jpg

Boy's Fishing by Darliene Carter
The Decorative Painter Issue #1 2015 Pages 64 - 70
Painted on our LW Cattail Plaque Horizontal Oval 16106 $24.00