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Sweet Inspirations - New Designs

New Published Designs 2017 - 2015
Utilizing Surfaces Available from Painter's Paradise


Hummingbird on Glass by Sherry Nelson 10" x 6" 1984
Frame by Al Tessing 12' x 8"  2017
Painted Frame 2 Coats by Jo Lutness  2017



Had to Share this Picture
Painting by Lois Prichard
Teacher - Hillary Felinski
BDP Paint-in April 2017
Fits our Metal - Sign Frame with 2 Wood Inserts (1202145)




A New Karen Wisner Design
Painting World Magazine February 2017
Design is painted on the lid of our Antique Wire Basket
(958568  $26.25)


This is a new Sherry Nelson Design
Painted on the Lid of our Sea Grass Basket
(840210   $13.50)


robin-mani-basket-lid-paint-a-season-of-memries-2015-sm.jpg antique-wire-basket-958568.jpg

Robin Mani will be painting her lid deign at the
Paint A Season of Memories Convention
Portland, OR September 2015
Design is painted on the lid of our Antique Wire Basket
(958568  $26.25)



mary-svenson-net-2015.jpg tray-ruby-round-tray-with-lid-775305.jpg
Mary Svenson will be teaching this design at New England Traditions October 2015
on our
Black Round Metal Tray with Round Lid (775305  $12.95)



Ros Stallcup will be teaching the beautiful floral
at the Museum of Decorative Painting in August.


Shara Reiner has 2 New Pattern Packets
"Snow Days" and "Sunshine and Flowers"
Paainted on the lid od of our Pyrex Quart Dish Basket
(33344   $16.75)

basket-design-by-jill-westergaard-painted-by-pat-erickson-on-baguette-basket-sm.jpg basket-bagget-basket-1201085527.jpg
Pattern by Judy Westegaard. Painted by Pat Errickson
Painted on our Baugette Basket
(1202085527   $27.50)

tray-cut-corner-tray-large-design-by-holly-hanley.jpg tray-cut-corner-tray-large.jpg
Welcome Summer Friends by Holly Handley
Painted on our Medium Cut Corner Tray (161696042  $8.25)

metal-pocket-wall-111126052-pic-linda-sharp.jpg metal-wall-pocket-10-inch-rusty-28m4325-sm.jpg

Jacobean Wall Pocket by Linda Sharp
Being Taught at Creative Color 2015 Convention Las Vegas 2015
Painted on our 10" Wall Pocket (28M4325   $14.50)


dp-red-fox-kit-by-sherry-nelson-on-1923-sm.jpg lw-plate-round-16-inch-with-groove-1923072.jpg
Red Fox Kit by Sherry Nelson, MDA TDA
The Decorative Painter Issue #1 2015 Pages 49 - 58
LW - Plate, 16" Round with Grove (1923072  $16.00)


dp-boys-fishing-by-darliene-carter-16106-sm.jpg lw-cattail-horizontal-cattail-plaque-16106-.jpg

Boy's Fishing by Darliene Carter
The Decorative Painter Issue #1 2015 Pages 64 - 70
Painted on our LW Cattail Plaque Horizontal Oval 16106 $24.00