Seminar2018-0313 - Sherry Nelson, MDA March 13-14 and 16-19, 2018 (SN2018-X)

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 sherru-nelson-px.jpg  Sherry Nelson will again be with us From Tuesday March 13, 2018 - Monday March 9. 2018. 
5 Projects over a 7 day Period.

She will be Teaching the 2-Day class on Tuesday/Wednesday March 13th and 14th and the  4 1-Day Classes beginning Friday March16th through Monday March 19th.



5 Really great projects. The Basic price will be $75.00 per Day which will include Prep and Paints.

       Notice the discounts available for people who sign up for 3 or more days.
       These discounts will only be available to folks who sign up before January 15, 2018