PT - DecoArt Glass Paint Markers (DGPMXX)

$3.99 $3.50 (You save $0.49)
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Weight 1.00 LBS
Height 3.00
Width 12.00
Depth 1.00
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DecoArt Glass Paint Markers



Item Number Description List Price
  DAGPM01   Silver, Glass Marker $3.99
DAGPM02 Gold, Glass Marker $3.99
DAGPM03 White, Glass Marker $3.99
DAGPM04 Fuchsia, Glass Marker $3.99
DAGPM05 Red, Glass Marker $3.99
DAGPM06 Orange, Glass Marker $3.99
DAGPM07 Yellow, Glass Marker $3.99
DAGPM08 Citron, Glass Marker $3.99
DAGPM09 Green, Glass Marker $3.99
DAGPM10 Turquoise, Glass Marker $3.99
DAGPM11 Blue, Glass Marker $3.99
DAGPM12 Violet, Glass Marker $3.99
DAGPM13 Brown, Glass Marker $3.99
DAGPM14 Black, Glass Marker $3.99


Helpful Hints:

  • Wash the glass pieces in hot, soapy water.
  • Remove all labels.
  • Rinse away any soap residue with warm or hot water.
  • Dry with a soft, lint free cloth.
  • Glass can also be cleaned with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel.
  • It is important that your surface is free of fingerprints.