PT - Brush Cleaning Solutions - Chroma or DecoArt

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SKU 9220001941, DS-3
Weight 0.50 LBS
Height 2.00 (in)
Width 1.00 (in)
Depth 1.00 (in)
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Paint Brush Cleaning Solutions




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Incredible Brush Cleaner

8 oz. (9220001941) and


Cleans and preserves natural or synthetic brushes.
Easily removes acrylic, oil or lacquer.
Even removes dried paint that's year's old!



 DecoArt Magic Paint Brush Cleaner
- 8 oz. (DS3)

All-purpose, non-toxic cleaner that removes paints from
brushes, hands, stencils, and fabrics. Works with wet and
dried paints, and leaves brushes soft and pliable.
Also may be used as an all-purpose jewelry cleaner.