MUD Tools - Margot Clark Specialty Items

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SKU 313001
Weight 3.00 LBS
Height 6.00 (in)
Width 10.00 (in)
Depth 4.00 (in)

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Margot Clark has pioneer Textured Painting using MUD
The following are products that can be useful as you work with MUD



Coupler (313000  $1.25 ) used to secure metal writing tip to the pastry bag when using MUD


Decorating Tip  (313005  $6.50)
- Stainless Steel Writing Tip


"This is the tip I use  on the decorating bag filled with my MUD when I am creating all my floral designs. It is stainless steel so can stay in the damp storage box for months so you are always ready to work!

Suggestion - I always have an extra on hand in case of a clog then I can just take the clogged on off and put on the new one, place the clogged one in a glass of water and clean it later. That way I don't have to stop my work to go clean the tip. Bigger hint - keep the tip tucked into the sponge when not in use and you shouldn't get a clog!"




Disposable Plastic Decorator Bags ( 313009  $0.35) -These are the bags I use to hold the MUD when I assemble the tip, Coupler, bag and rubber bands. They are not meant to be reused. When you are out of MUD, please take it all apart, clean the tip, Coupler, storage container and sponge. Put on a new bag, load with MUD and you are good to go again!