Margot Clark's Specialty Products

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Margot Clark has developed a great many wonderful pieces using her "MUD" Products. We are pleased to be a supplier of many of the products that Margo uses to produce these beautiful designs:


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MC - Margot Clark"s White Mud (CJ085)

Thiss really is a fantastic product. It adheres to most any surface with no prep but a good cleaning,(do not use rubbing alcohol as it contains oil)  it dries very hard in 24 hours with no baking required, or it can be applied to any item that can...
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MC - Median 2 oz. (313004)

Margot"s Medium is used to dress your dampened brush for a smoother application of MUD when doing brush designs and also to thin MUD if necessary. It comes in a 2 oz size  Can also use this for shading techniques when using acrylic paints...
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MUD Tools - Margot Clark Specialty Items

Margot Clark has pioneer Textured Painting using MUD.  The following are products that can be useful as you work wit MUD   Coupler (313000  $1.25 ) used to secure metal writing tip to the pastry bag when using MUD Decorating...
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