Hotel Selections and Prices were made using Trivago (   . I 

The Crown Plaza is closest to our classroom (about 5 minute drive to Classroom), but there are very limited dining opportunities close to this hotel. A 10 minute drive will take you to Route 202 (Concord Pike where there are a plethora of Restaurants. (My husband John says if he was choosing a Hotel he would pick the Crown Plaza and drive a few miles to go out for dinner in the evening.)







The Days Inn by Wynndham  is located in North Wilmington on Concord Pike (Route 202 in North Wilmington)



We show hotels at Glen Mills, PA as an option, they are about 20 to 25 minute drive to our classroom.

The Comfort Inn Suites in New Jersey keep showing up as a viable motel, but you will have to pay bridge tolls and deal with rush hour I-95 Traffic, so this may not be a really great choice.

 The Inn at Wilmington is now a Holiday Inn Express and their price has gone up significantly as have the prices at the other hotels on Concord Pike Route 202).