DA - Hang Ups -Heart Shape and Star Shape (5586, 5587, 8249, 8248, 8250, 8251W, 11151)

SKU 5586, 5587, 8249, 8249, 8250, 8251W, 11151
Weight 2.00 LBS
Height 11.00 (in)
Width 15.00 (in)
Depth 2.00 (in)
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Metal Wire Hang Ups

da-heart-shape-hang-ups-7-and-13-inch-5586-5587-sm.jpg  da-heart-shape-hang-ups-7-and-13-inch-5586-5587-sm.jpg

13" Triangle Heart Shaped (5587  $4.50)

7 " Triangle Heart Shapde (5586  $3.50)


da-hang-ups-star-shape-7-and-13-inch-5586-5587-sm.jpg  da-hang-ups-star-shape-7-and-13-inch-5586-5587-sm.jpg

13" Triangle Star Shaped (8249 $4.50)

8" Triangle Star Shaped (8248 $3.50)



15" Oval Star Shaped (8250  $3.50)


9"  Oval Circle Shaped (11151 $3.50)


7" Triangle Star Shaped with 14 x 7" x 1/8" MDF for the Shara Reiner
USA Freedom Banner Paint-It...today  June-July 2014 Pages 50 - 51 (8251W  $4.95)


da-hang-ups-star-shape-7-and-13-inch-5586-5587-sm.jpg wood-sr-wire-hanger-project-8251w-sm.jpg


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Item was broken. Poor packing by the company.
Written by undefined on 5th Sep 2016

I received my items, one was broken. The box it was in had NO packing at all, no paper, no bubble wrap nothing. No receipt or invoice either. It looked like someone just threw the items into the box and shipped it out. The Post Office is responsible for the damaged box but you are responsible for the poor packing of the product. I contacted you and we play phone tag for awhile I would like this one item replaced. I can send you a picture of the broken item and the box if you wish since we seem not to be able to contact each other.....WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE POOR SHIPPING, AND REPLACED THE BROKEN ITEM.