Book - Brilliant Colors in Oil by Nancy and Terrie Brown (3658800598)

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Brilliant Colors in Oil by Nancy and Terrie Brown ($13.95)

book-ntb-brilliant-colors-in-oil-cover-3658800598-sm.jpg book-ntb-brilliant-colors-in-oil-back-cover-3658800598-rsm.jpg

"  We are excited to share a book brimming with beautiful paintings by Mother and Daughter, Nancy & Terrie Brown.  Lush red geraniums brimming out of a terra cotta pot in a lovely floral arrangement.  The Blue Door, a personal favorite.  Canned peaches, cherries, apples & pears create a yummy warm still life.  Delicate soft lilacs brim over a golden brass bowl.  Daisies In Red and Study In Daisies (periwinkle / violet & white) have a painted over a dark background on square canvas add a pop of color.  Poppies On MY Table features a silver tea pot spilling over with an arrangement of fresh white daisies and red poppies.  Garden of Flowers is a luminous, garden image of pink poppies, violet flowers and clay pots beautifully painted.  There are more beautiful paintings to discover in this lovely oil book"