January 2018 Newsletter - It has been cold, really cold, no I mean really really cold!

New Products - Just Added!

  1. DA - Metal Reindeer Pedestal ~ 14" x 8" (13015 $17.00 $12.50

  2. Metal, Bucket rectangular Set of 2 (TMA87168-2) $13.50 $10.95

  3. Metal - Dog and Cat Triple Hangers ~7" w x 8" T (12404 and 12459) $7.00 $5.00

  4. Metal - Reindeer, Hanging Ornament 8" x 8" (13171) $12.00 $9.00

  5. Wood - Easel, Standing (AKA I-Pad Holder) 192320181 $13.00 $11.75

  6. Metal - Tin Pitcher ~12" Tall with 6" Base plus Handle (TMA87161) $11.00 $8.33

    Set of 5 $11.50 Individual Ornaments are $2.50 except for C which is $3.50

    Wood Banner 15' x 7" $5.75


We are having a very good response to our Sherry Nelson (March) and Shara Reiner (April) Seminars. There are still a few spaces still available.


Ros Stallcup (May) and Lydia Steeves(October 2018) are still working on their projects for those seminars

As we approach the end of this newsletter, Dusty is sound asleep on my bed, but he did ask me to include a few of his favorite pictures from the last couple of months.

Chase still thinks he is a lap dog!

My Best Friend!!!!

Santa sneaking through the house while I sleep!!!

Hope you find this Newsletter helpful, fun to view and inspiring you to pick up your brushes and paint.
Like all companies, we need your business and thank you for your support!

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