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May 2017 - The Old and The New!!!


May 17, 2017 - we are putting all of our DecoArt Tradition Products on Sale @ approximately 55% off of our List Price. This sale applies only to items that are currently in stock. The sale will run through the end of July.

May 13, 2017 - Today we added 4 New Book, 3 by Shara Reiner and 1 by Jamie Mills Price,


Shipping has become a significant factor in the "who to buy from" decision. Several large mega retailer (eg. Amazon Prime) are advertising to free shipping. How they are doing it is beyond us. However we have been forced to look at our shipping practices. We currently ship medium to very large orders through FEDEX and small orders  and many foreign orders through the United States Postal System. When you place an order on our website you are automatically charged a flat fee shipping charge for any shipment within the continental United States, currently  that charge is $14.50. Outside the continental United States the shipping is an estimated $60.00. However in the case of very small orders (ex. one book or a very small item like a paint brush, we will normally ship through USPS and only charge the actual shipping when it is less than $14.50.

Wholesale customers are always charged the actual shipping which in many cases is significantly higher than $14.50. However the savings on the total items wholesale purchased items (3 or more of an item total purchase must exceed $125.00 will more than offset the increases shipping.

When you place an order on our website, the standard shipping cost of $14.50 or $60.00 (Outside of the Continental US) is added to the order. Remember , the website merely puts a 30 day hold on those funds, the funds are not removed form your account until we actually ship and then we charge your credit card and the funds are transferred from your account to our account. For some cases for orders outside the continental US , the estimate $60.00 is sufficient to cover the actual shipping, but on the cases of larger orders, it may be necessary for us to contact the customer to request additional monies to cover the actual shipping costs.

May 6, 2017 - In two weeks we will be in the middle of the 2017 Ros Stallcup 3 Day Paint in Seminar. I have lost track of how many times Ros has been with us for a seminar, but I know it has been from at least 2010 because I have computer records for those seminars. I thought some of you might enjoy revisiting the past and see some of the many projects that we have done with Ros. There is still time to sign up for the 2017 Ros Seminar that begins on Friday  May 19th.

MAY 5, 2017 - Finally got busy  on a long over due project. In 1984 Sherry Nelson did this picture of a Hummingbird on Glass. I finally got around to having Al Tessing make an 12" x 8" frame (March 2017) and today I found a piece of burlap to use as a backing and framed the picture. I painted the frame, it took 2 coats.

An Oldie but Goodie - This product has been around ever since I started Painters Paradise, even

before the days of the Website. We continue to sell this item several times a month....

Lot's of Good Reviews!!!!

     Great turning easel that's makes it so much easier! 5 Star Review

     I had seen these and i decided to get one..so excited & tried it yesterday for the first time. .
 it  works so well..project stays, moves and is raised to angle that helps your back! YEAH! 5 Star Review

     I love my revolving wood easel!! The fact that I can adjust the height for my piece is awesome!!
     Get One, fellow painters!!  5 Star Review


OUT OF STOCK - Seaching for Replacements

We learned today that our Plain Black 12.5" Plate (811207P 12.5" $9.95) is no longer available from our current supplier. I am searching for another supplier because not only is this a popular product , but it is the base for the Happy Harvest Plate (20470 12.5" $18.00). So now both of [...]

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New Paints from DecoArts

DecoArt has 9 New American Acrylic Paints. The List Price Stays at $2.14 and we will sell these colors at $1.76 for a 2 oz. bottle.

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Yes we have added 8 New Books in the Last 2 Weeks Double Dash of Christmas by Chris Haughey and Laurie Speltz $15.95 Fall & Frost by Deb Antonick, Holly Hanley & Debbie Cotton $14.95Colored Pencil Classics by Cynthia Knox $14.95Plus 5 New Books from Lydia Steeves

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Antique Wire Basket BACK IN STOCK

We believe we have filled all the Antique Wire Baskets Back Orders, but still have a feeling that we missed someone. Please let us know if you have a Back Order and have not received your items.

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11/11/2016 - FOllow Up to Lydia Steeves 2016Seminar

Our 2016 Lydia Steeves Seminar was so well received that we have scheduled her return in October 20-22, 2017. We received a lot of nice thank you notes and E- mails from this years students including the following:

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8/29/2016 - Developed a New Ad for the 2 Seminars Remaining in 2016 & added 2 New Metal Storage Buckets!!!

Please note that we are now providing free DecoArt Americana Paint to all seminar attendees - one less thing to worry about when you sign up for a seminar and should save our students as  much as $5.00 a day when they attend a seminar and use our paints...Thank you DecoArts for being so supportive [...]

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Stencils from Tracy Moreau in Canada

Over the last Month we have added a LIMITED SUPPLY of Tracy Moreau's Mylar Stencils. We can save you significant savings because we avoid going through customs. Remember when you place a retail order with us and live in the Continental United States (does not include Hawaii or Alaska) shipping is $14.50, so adding several [...]

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8/17/2016 - New Products and Updates to some Old Products

Back from Hoot and have begun to add some new products and updating some existing product lines. Thought the best way to share is Via some product Line overviews via pictures rather than words, because my typist sometime hits the wro98 g keys on the keyboar8&^%d.Added a new packet from Bobbie Campbell and updated surface [...]

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