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2019 Seminar Schedule

  • Ros Stallcup September 13-15, 2019
  • Pat Errickson October 12, 2019

Call us for special pricing for signing up 
groups of 3 or more people (302-798-3897)

The Seminar Fee does not usually cover the following

  • The Surface
  • The Prep  (in the case of Sherry Nelson Seminars we are doing the Prep and the cost is  included in the Fee
  • The Paint - you can use your paints or our paint ($7.50 per Day)


The first $70.00 or $75.00 (Daily Rate) of your seminar fee is considered to be a Non Refundable Deposit. About 2   months prior to a seminar, we reach a "go no go" decision point, once the decision is made to go ahead with the seminar, then all of the fee is no longer refundable. 

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